The Forest Park Cross Country Festival is proud to call Forest Park home. Located in the center of St. Louis, the park is home to several area landmarks including the St. Louis Science Center and the nationally-recognized St. Louis Zoo. In 2017, the race course will be on the Aviation Fields.


To drop off athletes (buses or parents):

Coming from Highway 44 you enter the park from Hampton via the Hampton Ave. exit. Turn right on Wells Dr. and continue to the round-about near the Jewel Box. Take the first right off the round-about and go left on Clayton Road. Aviation Field will be on your right. Clayton Road will be ONE-WAY going eastbound and NO PARKING will be allowed in either side of Clayton Road. It will be for drop-off purposes only. We will be towing any parked vehicles.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to enter Forest Park from Kingshighway. You must enter via Hampton.

Consider avoiding Forest Park all together by going straight to the parking garage at Forest Park Community College or the SLUH/Science Center lot. You’ll avoid congestion and walk through a tunnel under the highway right into the course area!


Spectator Parking
Plan time to park and walk as there is not a large parking lot close to Aviation Fields.

LouFest (a two day concert) is taking place in Forest Park this weekend. Their footprint involves closing many of the streets within the park. In addition, we are going to let Planetarium patrons park in the Planetarium lot, meaning it will be off limits for FPXC participants/fans.

Clayton Avenue will ONLY be used for dropping off athletes. It will be a ONE-WAY street (going eastbound) and NO PARKING will be allowed on either side of Clayton Ave. We actually recommend avoiding Clayton and Forest Park all together. There are plenty of other options:

The student/staff parking garage at the Forest Park Community Center is available for our spectators. Access the garage by turning onto Macklind Ave. from Oakland and making a left onto College. Parking is FREE and the walk isn’t far to the tunnel that leads you directly to the course area in Forest Park.

Also, the St. Louis University High School/Science Center parking lot off Oakland Avenue is another option.

Here is a map which shows the Forest Park Community College Parking Garage and the SLUH/Science Center lot and the access tunnel to Forest Park. You exit the tunnel right at the course!

There will be some street parking within Forest Park and you can also park at Steinberg Ice Rink’s parking lot, but you may be waiting in traffic within the park to get to those spots.

Bus Drop Off/Parking Instructions
Bus drop off will be along Clayton Ave. on the north side of Aviation Fields. CLAYTON AVE. WILL BE A ONE-WAY STREET on race day. Buses must enter the park at Hampton and be driving East on Clayton Ave. This is the ONLY place for bus drop-off/pick-up. Buses must park somewhere outside of Forest Park so they don’t clog up spectator parking/traffic flow. Coaches can call bus drivers for pick you in the same drop-off location when ready to leave. Do not call buses early. THERE WILL BE NO PARKING OF ANY VEHICLE (including buses) ON CLAYTON AVE.

Team Tents
All tents must be in the Archery Range area as noted on the course map. Per our agreement with the park you can ONLY set up tents in this area. You may not be near the fields or anywhere else. Please be respectful of the fields and keep all team camps at least 20 meters away from any course lines!